Teacher Spotlight – October 2018

Meet Ms. Veronica Almario / Kindergarten Teacher / KIPP DC Grow Academy

After teaching  first grade for seven years, Veronica Almario, Kindergarten lead teacher at Grow Academy, was ready for something different when she decided to join KIPP DC. “I heard a lot about KIPP DC and how supportive and great it was, and I was ready for a new challenge and decided to come over.”

Graduating from the University of Maryland with a degree in early childhood education, she has always been passionate about being inside the classroom and has adapted to the challenge of teaching an entirely new grade-level.

“We’re starting with the basics here, things like basic letters and counting. Whereas first grade they already have the foundational skills, in Kindergarten we’re building that. We’re also teaching them social-emotional things too, like raising your hand or how to interact with one another, so Kindergarten is also different in that regard.”

Veronica Almario

But it’s not just teaching a new grade level that was different to Veronica. The environment here at KIPP DC was unlike any she experienced in her previous years teaching. “It’s a very supportive environment here. I really feel like I’m not doing it by myself. I have a Capital Teaching Resident with me and my admins are really supportive. We’re always collaborating as a grade level and we’re all working together for our kids.”

Veronica also serves as Kindergarten grade level chair at Grow Academy and enjoys the ability to check-in with other educators and bounce lesson ideas and teaching methods off one another. “I could not imagine doing this job by myself. It’s definitely everyone working together, asking questions, and not being afraid to ask for help.”

Reflecting on stepping outside her comfort zone and joining the KIPP DC team, one thing in particular sticks out to her about the decision. “After teaching for so long, I’m still learning new things every day here and that’s exciting.”

Veronica Almario teaching

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Posted on October 22, 2018 in Awards & Recognition