Teacher Spotlight — May 2020

Meet Ms. Brianna Cutler | Capital Teaching Resident | KIPP DC Grow Academy


The Capital Teaching Residency at KIPP DC is a three-year program that offers individuals the opportunity to gain the skills and experiences needed to develop as an educator and empower the next generation of Washingtonians. Brianna Cutler is wrapping up her first year as a Capital Teaching Resident at KIPP DC Grow Academy. As a graduate of Virginia Tech University with a degree in Spanish, her teaching journey may seem unlikely until you get to know Brianna.


“Education is something I’ve always been drawn to naturally. I also did a lot of studying and research on communities with limited access to quality educational options and what effect inequities in education have on students and their larger communities. The Capital Teaching Residency was my opportunity to merge those two passions and make a difference.”


As an early childhood education teacher, Ms. Cutler builds a foundation and love of learning in our youngest learners. “I think back to what I remember most about my early years in education, and it’s less about the content I remember and more about how I felt about school and developing that excitement for learning. More than anything, I look forward to making sure my students feel loved, supported, and that they can build the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.”


Beyond the coaching and skill development offered through the Capital Teaching Residency, the program’s gradual release model, which helps a new teacher grow their classroom leadership skills alongside an experienced lead teacher, has helped Brianna make a profound impact in her first year.


“I could not have asked for a more supportive environment to start my teaching journey. My lead teacher has helped me tremendously this year, and everyone has made me feel so welcome. It’s a very supportive environment where we’re always collaborating and pushing to get better because we’re all working together for our students.”


The end of her first year with KIPP DC may be ending a bit differently than first imagined with the shift from in-person to virtual instruction due to the current public health emergency. However, Ms. Cutler is adapting and continuing her growth as an educator while connecting with students in a different environment. 


“We’re all just continuing to check in with our students and families each day and let them know we are here for them throughout. Of course, the learning looks a bit different on Zoom calls with three or four-year-old students. However, our goals remain the same in these current times and every day, and that’s ensuring our students have the love, support, and consistency they need to grow as great scholars and better people.”

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Posted on May 28, 2020 in Community