Teacher Spotlight – March 2020

Meet Ms. Joneisha Moore | 9th Grade Lead Teacher | KIPP DC College Preparatory


Ms. Joneisha Moore is a ninth-grade lead teacher at KIPP DC College Preparatory and March’s Teacher Spotlight! Ms. Moore joined KIPP DC in 2017 as a resident in the Capital Teaching Residency after graduating from Susquehanna University, where she studied biology and neuroscience. She became involved in mentorship programs for older and younger students during her senior year of college and soon discovered her passion for teaching.

“I realized I was particularly drawn to supporting older students. With that age group, you get as much of an opportunity to be a teacher to them as you do a mentor about life and other subjects.”

After graduating with her bachelor’s, she discovered the Capital Teaching Residency and relocated to Washington, DC to begin her teaching journey. “Any nerves I had quickly turned into excitement once I start interacted with students. They made me feel so welcome. As the year progressed, I got to learn from other teachers and saw myself growing each day. But, what sticks out the most about that time is how worthwhile the students made showing up each day feel.”

Currently, Ms. Moore teaches ninth-grade biology, conveying a life-long passion for science to her students in creative and fun ways. “Science was always my favorite subject in school, and I was always participating in science-focused programs, so I know it can be exciting. Whether it’s doing labs, participating in groups, or infusing technology into our lessons, I’m always looking at ways to make things fun.”

Beyond the many experiments and lessons that take place inside her classroom, most important to Ms. Moore is the ability to connect meaningfully and personally with her students. “When students know that you care about them, everything else becomes easier. They feel more comfortable and confident asking questions. They know that you value their voice and feel like they can advocate for themselves. Also, as a teacher having an intimate understanding of your students enhances your capabilities as an educator and the impact you can make.”

Outside of her role as a ninth-grade biology teacher, Ms. Moore is also highly involved in KIPP DC College Preparatory’s KIPP Parent Organization (KPO), which sees parents and teacher-leaders working together to benefit student outcomes positively. “I love being a part of our KPO and helping to facilitate conversations between the school and our families,” she said. “I just think the more we can have our parents involved, hear from them, and be a part of activities happening at school, the better for everyone—teachers, students, and families.”

Looking back on her journey from Susquehanna University, to now impacting students as a lead teacher at KIPP DC College Preparatory, Ms. Moore says it’s the youthful curiosity of her students that continues to make each day special.

“My motivation is seeing students develop a curiosity for knowledge and eagerness to learn. There’s no better feeling to me than being in front of the class while we’re discussing a subject and seeing hand after hand go up. I love that.”

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Posted on March 15, 2020 in Community